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Payne AIR Leadership Model

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DP Leadership Values
Meaning:         Moving to collaborative shared meaning and understanding
Innovation:       Creating new custom approaches for clients
Perspective:    Seeing from multiple perspectives widens vision and builds leadership muscle


Payne AIR Leadership Model


Leadership begins at the center in our awareness of self.  The Payne AIR Leadership Model focuses on self as the source with the ability to move in any one of three directions into action, reflection and innovation.  By interconnecting these three focuses our leadership is developed. It is through acting, reflecting on that experience and learning from it we are led to innovate, and then finally back into action. We begin simply where we are with clear intention and become developed through this learning process.

The Payne Leadership Model is multi-purposeful and multi-level.  We can place in the center our Coaching Triangle, our team, our department, our organization, our community or even our family. When we are open to work synergistically and collaboratively with mindfulness our leadership wisdom is accessed and we become more conscious of the power of our relationships.  We develop ourselves as leaders in the context of our relationships.

Debbie's Personal Definition of Leadership

Leadership is a passionate, deeply personal sense of service. Good leaders recognize, encourage, and allow the unique gifts and talents in others to flourish. A good leader inspires people into community for a common, united purpose and communicates vision. Leadership is about integrity, authenticity, and values demonstrated in action. By listening, seeking balance, and being vitally conscious, the wise leader potently facilitates creation and meaning. New leaders are born, through the actions of a wise leader.

Debbie Payne, December 1998

ACTION IDEA: Create your own definition of leadership. When you can articulate this clearly for yourself it is much easier to develop your leadership skills.


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