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Consulting Approach

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Why work with Debbie Payne?   

You are a leader, executive, manager, individual, team, youth, small business owner, or large organization looking to improve leadership or organizational learning in your company or yourself- I can help you. People just like you working in healthcare, education, civic agencies, government, small business, and energy sectors are my clients, finding just what they need with my customized approach.
I work with you in partnership to listen to your needs. Together we work on solutions that get results. Sometimes this includes the use of my new Resource  Tri-namics: Provocative Questions for Leadership Wisdom 2009, coauthored with Erna Hagge.
I work authentically, confidentially and with ultimate personal integrity providing leadership and organizational learning consulting services, training and development, as well as coaching related to leadership and career transition.
You can expect creative, customized and innovative learning solutions that are practical, cost-effective, and get the results you are seeking. Building your own inner resilience, health and wisdom fosters your brilliance. Imagine an organization that is healthy, has strong resilience, leadership wisdom and inner health. This is a possibility.
By asking thought-provoking questions and exploring the answers together we uncover the solution that will create the culture you seek and the results you desire.

       What would help you most develop yourself as a leader?
       What are you doing to grow your own leadership?                      
       What does your team need from you?
       How well do you effectively manage talent in your organization?
       What business challenge are you currently struggling with?
       What are you doing to be fully engaged in your work?
       What would help you have more efficient processes?              
       What creative, practical learning do you offer?         
       What do you have that sustains and embeds classroom learning? 
       Does your leadership strategy align with businessstrategy?
       What is your leadership and talent management framework?
       If employees really are your best competitive advantage;
          what is  the best way to invest in them?
Please know that behind this website is an innovative, personable, curious, knowledgeable consultant willing to work with you effectively. My personal committment is to provide service that delights. DP Leadership Associates has been in business since January 2001, working primarily with clients in British Columbia, Canada.


Debbie Payne   1-604.209.5069   debbie@dpleadership.com
Delta, British Columbia, Canada