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Poems to Inspire

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Power, Choice, Beginnings



The power of our voice

Leads us to choice.


Power to be

Power in me

Choice to decide or not to decide.


We begin where we are, not where we were

We begin now with choice

To hold a piece of the earth.


Our power comes from choice of beginning on a new path

Power to move, to dance, to choose

Choice in the moment suspended in time.


When we realize we have choice

When we know power of choice

We see the light of the new beginning

We lead ourselves.


Begin now, notice the moment of choice

Choose now to hold your power in your own personal leadership.

                                                                                        ©Debbie Payne

Leadership Musings


I enter as a learner

Eager to begin the journey

I wonder who my learning community is?


How will I measure up?

Who am I to be here….

What if?…


Will they understand me?

Am I really a leader or am I a follower?

Does it matter- I am here to learn.


Will my leadership be enough

Can I help others understand

how hard it is and how simple it is?


Where will it all lead?

I will remember to be the leader I am.

I will remember we all know and don’t know.

I will remember that what happens is right.


The class began, it ended and I was ok.

Many classes began and ended, and we were ok.

We seemed to learn, people seemed to be leading.

It seemed to work. I learned much.


I learned that my presence made a difference.

I learned that my leadership is who I am.

I learned that I love to help others learn.

I learned that planning prepares me to make spontaneous adjustments.

I learned leadership continues to be my passion.

I learned that I like being with others learning about leadership.


I mostly learned that my first time facilitating a leadership course leaves me with great wonder, with continued curiosity, and with the utmost respect for leadership learners.


©Debbie Payne



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Delta, British Columbia, Canada