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Debbie Payne, MA, RODP, CDA

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Leadership and Organizational Learning Consultant

Who am I as a person? I have a deep passion for helping people learn leadership-to learn about it and to learn to lead themselves and others. I believe in the magic of Tri-namics to transform organizational culture. I am about making leadership more visible in the world. I believe in the power of dreams, the power of three, and the power of relationship. I use dialogue and a strong sense of being present in the moment in my coaching to bring out client's potential. I am deeply committed to my family. I love to engage in deep, meaningful conversations and challenge myself to be the best I can be. Im fascinated and curious about the deep complexity of every human being. I believe as we connect and listen to each other at a personal level that organizations will learn from within, have less conflict and work cohesively to ethically, profitably and effectively provide their services and products. I love to write poetry for expression, short articles to share my thinking, and deeper research papers to challenge myself. Helping others embrace collaboration is an opportunity for magnificence. As I go about my work in the world I hope to influence and inspire just a few people to lead us with integrity to a better future.

Among other work, I led the award-winning Certified Dental Assisting Program at the Open Learning Agency, am the creator of the Coaching Triangle Concept, and co-authored two books with Erna Hagge in 2006 and 2009. My most recent position was Senior Specialist, Leadership and Organizational Development at Terasen Gas Inc. 

I live in harmony and relationship with my family in the quiet and serene town of Tsawwassen at the south end of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Please contact me at 604.209.5069 or email me at debbie@dpleadership.com. I personally respond in a timely manner to each voice message and email communication.

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Debbie Payne, MA, RODP, CDA has over 30 years experience as an adult educator, facilitator, manager, leadership consultant and organizational development and learning specialist with her roots in the dental profession. She strives to use her intuitive insight and interest in deep dialogue to listen to client needs, explain patterns, create system wide frameworks, develop teams, coach clients, as well as create and deliver custom leadership development courses, programs, and workshops. Debbie is the concept creator of the Coaching Triangles™, has written over 25 curriculum publications and articles and author of the book LeaderSpace. She is the co-author with Erna Hagge of two books, the latest being Tri-namics: Provocative Questions for Leadership Wisdom (2009).

With instructional experience at Vancouver Community College, Douglas College, University of BC.; twelve years as Dept. Head at Open Learning Agency; and six years as the Leadership and Organizational Development Specialist at Terasen Gas Inc. she gained considerable understanding of organizational politics, behaviour and development strategies. She is the President of DP Leadership Associates (founded 2001) and Partner of Deberna International (founded 2004) and works with clients locally, nationally and internationally.

Debbie has a variety of undergraduate education in science, adult education and managemet; is certified in MBTI and holds an Organizational Behaviour Certificate from Heriot-Watt University; has a Management ACFD Certificate from the University of Western Ontario and earned her MA in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University. Debbie’s passion is helping people see and deepen their own leadership journey, linking leaders in all aspects of their lives.




Debbie Payne   1-604.209.5069   debbie@dpleadership.com
Delta, British Columbia, Canada